Christ the Savior Orthodox Church
Orthodox Church in America
Vacation Church School and Orthodox Youth Day 2017

At the bottom of this page are forms for Vacation Church School and Orthodox Youth Day. These must be filled out to attend either event! Registration is required by August 1!

VCS in 2017 will take place from August 21-23, from 9am to 1pm, for ages 5–12. This program is pan-Orthodox, meaning we invite all the Orthodox parishes of the Capital Region to join us, by sending their kids or helping our staff. Children will learn about different aspects of the Faith this year, including:

  • the meaning of the sacraments
  • icon construction (how to mount print icons on wood)
  • Church reading/chanting/singing at age appropriate levels

Each day will begin with a small moleben/paraklesis, and each day will end with a physical activity. On Wednesday we plan to end a bit early for the kids to put their learning to the test and sing/read at a service.

On August 24, we also invite the kids and their families to come with us to Six Flags Great Escape. If you do not have season passes, tickets and parking passes can be obtained for significantly discounted prices through Christ the Savior Orthodox Church. Whether you purchase tickets through Christ the Savior or not, every attendee will receive a free meal voucher, courtesy of the OCA Diocese of NY and NJ. Christ the Savior Church kids and their parents will have their tickets paid for by Christ the Savior Church. Children 2 and under enter the park for free.

We encourage you to attend and enjoy this time together as a pan-Orthodox family!

Click here for the VCS registration/waiver. Click here for the Orthodox Youth Day registration/waiver. Click here for the poster.